About Me

Since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to help people. I was not sure how I would achieve this, however I always knew that helping and connecting with others was my passion. With this as my driving force I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) and Certificate in Coaching & Counselling at Deakin University. From there I explored other avenues in therapy and completed a Diploma in Hypnosis as well as became a Level 2 Reiki and Access Consciousness practitioner.


Becoming fascinated with the mind and understanding human behaviour, I continued to study behaviour on a subconscious level and combined all the tools I had learnt so far in order to provide a holistic approach to therapy. 

Since becoming a Psychotherapist, I have worked as the Wellbeing Leader for a Melbourne Primary School as well as a Therapist at a private practice. In addition to this, I assist in creating and delivering Educational Workshops in Schools that aim to improve resiliency, anxiety, social skills and self worth for students. I also conduct professional development seminars for teachers and the Education Department to improve overall mental health, connection with students and individual self care.


I am passionate about educating individuals to better understand themselves and empowering them so that they can manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

By educating individuals on the science of the mind and body, as well as the disempowering traits that we take on in order to survive negative experiences, I aim to help people build resilience and strengthen their awareness in the realization that every day we get to choose the life we want to create. 


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

  • Certificate in Coaching & Counselling

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2

  • Access Consciousness Practitioner

  • Soul Realignment Practitioner 


"I started seeing Rachael a year ago, after many failed therapy sessions with multiple psychologists, and it is one of the best decisions I have made. Rachael has helped me grow from a self loathing paranoid wreck to a much happier, more confident person who is looking at starting his own business, something I would never have the confidence to do.


I was slightly sceptical of hypnosis before starting with Rachael and now I recommend it to anyone who shares with me that they are struggling with anxiety or depression. Rachael is an absolute star who has improved my life 10fold

- Dax

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My Approach

Let's Grow combines clinical therapy with alternative methods to achieve a holistic approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Our counselling provides individuals with a safe space to discuss their concerns openly and freely without judgement. With our support, issues can be addressed in a positive way to help to gain clarity on the issues, explore options and possibilities, develop empowering strategies and increase self-awareness to become more empowered within themselves and their circumstances. Once issues are addressed on a conscious level, we then address them on a subconscious level through Hypnosis.

​The subconscious mind holds the belief patterns that we form throughout our lives, both positive and negative. By addressing these beliefs on a subconscious level we are ensuring that we get to the root of the cause of our limiting thoughts and heal them. 

Through combining conscious and subconscious therapy techniques, we offer a unique process and create life lasting changes.