Counselling services available for one-on-one, couples, family support, children, teens and adults.

Speed up the healing process by combining counselling with subconscious treatment through hypnotherapy.

A holistic approach that focuses on balancing your energy fields so that you can be aligned with your best self.

The Big Sister Experience is an organization supporting young girls and preparing them for life skills in the real world.

About Me

Since I was a young girl, I have always had a strong passion and desire to help people. It was this passion that led me to becoming a Psychotherapist which has allowed me to work closely with people who want to grow and make positive changes in their lives. 

Over the years I have worked as the Wellbeing Leader for a Melbourne primary school as well as a Therapist at a private practice. In addition to this, I assist organisations in creating Educational Resources and Workshops in schools that aim to improve resiliency, anxiety, social skills and self worth for students.


I am passionate about educating individuals to better understand themselves and empowering them so that they can manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By educating individuals on the science of the mind and body, as well as the disempowering traits that we take on in order to survive negative experiences, I aim to help people build resilience and strengthen their awareness in the realisation that every day we get to choose the life we want to create. 



Check the website for regular updates on resources to help manage every day challenges.



Self Esteem


Anger Management



With the way life has changed so drastically in the last few weeks, a lot of us are experiencing high levels of stress, uncertainty and anxiety.

I have put together a guide to support you at this very challenging time. This is free resource that includes helpful information and tools to help manage any stress and anxiety you may be suffering due to COVID-19.

Download Resource Here






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