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The Big Sister Experience

The Big Sister Experience is a social enterprise that supports and mentors young women to live to their full potential. The Big Sisters work with schools, families and teenage girls. Through community events and in-school workshops, The Big Sister Experience covers ethical and moral issues and promotes tools and strategies on how to live a happy and healthy life. From mental health to consent, life-skills, body image and social pressures, The Big Sister Experience isn’t afraid to get deep into real-life issues that are affecting our teen and pre-teen girls today.  

Bianca and Kritz are the founders of the program and are passionate about helping your women. Many workshops have been created and designed to support young girls and parents.

I am fortunate to work with the Big Sisters, providing therapy treatments for young women and their families. In this organization I assist the Big Sisters in educating young women and their families around emotional fears, anxiety, mental health, and how this impacts our overall wellbeing. 

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